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The following results also include the Kent Archery Association Indoor Championship

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The results from Sundays shoot are available below.  Thank you too all those archers that braved the cold during the fire alarm fault at the start of he last session.


Attached is the entry form for the 41st Ashford Archers Indoor Tournament.  This is a World Record Status WA18m tournament, using Tenzone layered foam bosses, with individual led target lighting.

We will be selling limited edition shooting shirts, designed and produced by Team Gear Ltd, profits from the sale of these shirts will be going to the Royal British Legion Industries.  See the entry form for details.





This shoot is kindly sponsored by In-Range Archery

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Team Gear Ltd




The results of the 3rd Ashford Archers WRS WA18 are now available to download.  We would like to thank our sponsors

In Range Archery 


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