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When there are so many sports to choose from why pick Archery?


All I can do is explain why I got involved. Firstly I was not much of a conventional team player and was often the last kid to be picked from the line, so I wanted an individual pursuit.  Archery appealed as it was an extension of boyhood exploits and I wanted to learn to do it right.

It soon became apparent that when it went well it felt good and it was down to me, as it was when the day didn’t go so well, it was also down to me. Fortunately I progressed until the second advantage occurred, archery is one of the truly sports for all, as not only is it equally suitable for able bodied and disabled but it is structured to enable all the family to shoot against each other, that is until the children start beating you then they have too much homework to do so they can't come.

As a sport it can provide as much as you want from it, it can be a place where you can escape and just chill out all the way to an Olympic team member. Within Ashford Archers we have social archers, family archers, club archers, tournament archers and county team members.


So to sum up, it's down to you, good or bad, it's competitive either against yourself or others and it can deliver as much as you want out of a sport.