News Flash

If there was ever a person that was not going to let a little thing like a stroke get in the way of his archery or his life it is Mark Hollyer of Ashford Archers.

Mark HollyerIt was just over a month ago, Sunday 9th March 2014, that Mark had a stroke that initially left him paralysed down his left hand side.  Thanks to the quick intervention of his family and the local hospital, Mark was back on the shooting line 4 days later with a borrowed light weight compound bow, he was unable to shoot his own recurve due to the loss of strength as a result of the stroke.  Not only that the following Saturday he turned out for a work party despite everyone else that turned up insisting he should be at home recuperating. It has taken him a few weeks to find any love for the compound bow, as late as last Thursday evening he was heard saying he was desperate to get his recurve back in his hands.

60 Points

This Sunday he set his sights on scoring 1000 points for his first ever full gents WA 1440 round, a feat he only missed out when he draw up on the wrong target of the last end at 30m.

On his way to a final score of 998 points he also produced an end of 60 points at 30m, an achievement he is very proud of.