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On Sunday 5th October the county of Essex held its annual FITA 24 Marked Arrowhead award field championship.  As many of you know Chris Horan shoots a lot of field and he invited Bob Beaney and Tony Harris to join him and Cecile at this tournament.  It was a 7am early start in order to arrive by 8.30 for breakfast and practice.  Thankfully after Saturdays wind and rain the early frost gave way to a cold bright day under the thick canopy of trees.


The day consisted of 24 marked distance targets, ranging from 10 to 60 meter targets on black and yellow paper targets ranging in sizes from :-

80cm single spot at 50, 55 and 60 meters, this is the equivalent of a Frostbite face at up to twice the distance.

60cm single spot at 35, 40 and 45 meters, this is the equivalent of a Portsmouth face again at almost twice the distance.

40cm single spot space at 20, 25 and 30 meters, this is the equivalent of a FITA 18 face

20cm triple spot face at 10, 15 and 20 meters.  This is smaller than anything you find in standard target archery.

Though this course was pretty much flat and the ground mostly firm you can see in some of the photos patches of standing water and thick mud.  Some field courses can present shots at some extreme angles, with target both well below your footing level and ones well above your head height.  Footing is obviously dependent on the terrain at the shooting peg and you can find yourself supporting yourself mostly on one leg or another.

We were fortunate to shoot together as a group of 4, with 3 arrows per target the day consisted of 6 dozen arrows in total, the maximum score for this round is 432.

Chris Chris and Tony Bob and Cecile 

On the day Chris shot 390, a new Ashford Archers club record for this round, in the process he was the overall winner of the gents compound.  This was Bob and Tony’s first field competition they were both outside the medal positions but both managed to claim the grey FITA arrow head award.  Cecile, shooting her first competition with her compound bow scored a very respectable 273 only missing the green FITA arrowhead award by 2 points.

Bob and Cecile Sometime they go where you want

Kent Archery Association are in the process of setting up a field archery section and hope to be able to offer another have ago day in the near future.  If you fancy giving it ago keep your eyes open for a an email inviting you along to give it a go.