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The World Archery World 3D Championships were recently held in Terni, Italy.

In total, approximately 250 athletes competed at this event, representing 25 different countries. 

Competing at the event, as part of the Great Britain Archery Team was Chris Horan, who is a current member of Ashford Archers. 

The competition format was set over 5 days, with two days of qualification rounds, followed by elimination rounds leading to the finals. 

The qualification rounds consisted of 24 targets each day, with the distance of each target varying between 10 and 45 metres. The distance of each target was unknown to the competitors; therefore this required the additional skill of being able to accurately estimate distances. 

The targets were located on difficult terrain, with the courses being set next to the picturesque Marmore Falls. This meant that targets were often set with steep inclines and declines. The temperature also regularly exceeded 35 degrees Celsius on each day of competition. 

Chris placed 36th at this event, and stated the following about his performance:

“This was the first time I have competed internationally as part of the Great Britain Team. It was an amazing experience, and one from which I have gained a huge amount of valuable experience. I am now fully motivated to attempt to qualify for the European championships that are being held in 2017 in Slovenia. I am very grateful to numerous great companies that supported me in attending the World Championships this year, including the generous grants I received from both the Southern Counties Archery Association and the John Hartfield Bursary.”


Chris Horan at World 3D field champs


Chris Horan shooting at the World 3D championships 2015 (C) Finn Andersen

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