Summer April 1st - September 31st

During the summer we run two practice evenings on a Tuesday and a Thursday night from around 5.30pm until it is either too dark to shoot or everyone has had enough and decided to go home.  On practice nights targets are set up at varying distances from 100 yards/90 metres downwards.  So long as there is a space on a boss you just step up and shoot. If you want a distance or a face size that is now out then feel free to get another target out, but remember it needs to be put away again.  On Saturday afternoons we assemble on the field at 1.30pm with shooting commencing at 2pm.  The round to be shoot is decided by the field captain on the day. Other rounds or practice can be shoot at the pleasure of the field captain.  On Sundays assembly is at 9.30am with shooting commencing at 10am.  The round to be shoot is as per the shooting calendar/Club Diary.

Winter October 1st - March 31st

We generally have one night a week shooting at our indoor venue.  This consists of two sessions, the first starting at 5.30pm and finishing by 8pm the 2nd commencing at 8pm and finishing at 10.30pm.  The current cost of this is £3 but is reviewed at the start of the indoor season as the cost of hiring the hall changes each year.

We still shoot a scored around on a Saturday afternoon, the round to be shoot is the field captains choice.  Assembly is at 12pm for a 12.30pm start.  Sunday times are as per summer with assembly at 9.30am and shooting starting at 10am.  This is generally the Frostbite round, consisting of 3 dozen arrows at 30m.

Rules and etiquette 

All shooting is controlled by the field captain using a whistle.  No one is to start shooting until the whistle has been blown and no one should cross the shooting line until the whistle has been blown to indicate it is safe to do so.

Any archer may shout FAST if they spot anything they are unhappy with.

The field should set up before your personal equipment, unless your early.

There must be at least 2 adult club members present before shooting can commence.  

During the summer months Archery GB rules on dress code will be observed on club days, i.e. at the weekend.

The rules on closed toed shoes will be enforced at all times of the year and on all shooting days.

Indoor etiquette

When shooting indoors you will wash up your cup after you finish shooting.

If you arrive once shooting has commenced you will kindly refrain from banging on the door to be let in until it is clear the current end has been completed.

Upon entering the hall if shooting is under way you keep the noise to a minimum.