lessons archery ashford beginners

If you are thinking about attending a training course with Ashford archers, you'll love it! If you are thinking of bringing your children or a friend and just watching, then I would beware!

Back in August last year I brought my 17 and 12 year old daughters along to give them something to do in the summer holidays. They both really enjoyed the days and decided to join the club. So as the dutiful Mother, I brought them to the archery field every Saturday morning. One day another member of the club said to me "I'm afraid it's a bit like watching paint dry if you are not playing isn't it?" I had to honestly reply, that I found it fascinating and that I enjoyed watching the way different archers did things and what results they got accordingly, in fact I was itching to have a go myself. I had one problem.

Keeley strikes gold

Back in April I had injured my left shoulder and I was unsure if I could even lift a bow up, let alone shoot an arrow from it. By October 2013 I felt strong enough to give it a go and the club members encouraged me to try, with the use of a club training bow and two hours training with a coach. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to pull back a 22lb bow and put an arrow on the boss! When I realised I could actually get some arrows on the target face as well I realised that I was hooked! I joined the club and as the clocks had gone back, started shooting the indoor rounds at 20 yards.

Slowly but surely as the weeks went by I got better and more consistent and by December my 17 year old daughter and I decided to put our own archery gear on our Christmas list!

We are both still learning hints and tips and still feel like rough rookies, but with the help of the club members we are definitely getting to grips with the sport and both find it somewhat addictive.

So, if you think you might just come and watch someone else learn the ropes, you might just find yourself a new sport and a new social life that you never expected!